Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy Staffing

SolveNow specializes in direct hiring for top-level engineers, designers, managers, and consultants in the fast-growing markets of wind, solar, geothermal, smart grid, and other forms of renewable energy.

Managing the schedule of renewable energy construction projects can be challenging. This is due to the fast pace and various factors that may cause delays and cost overruns, like budget constraints, last-minute design changes, etc. Staff augmentation is a cost-effective solution that helps avoid the expenses of full-time hiring and ensures that your project has the right team.

With full staff augmentation, renewable energy projects can quickly adapt to changes in workforce demand. We are an edge apart than other firms that only offer basic staffing without adequate resources. We provide properly equipped workers, ensuring that the work is done efficiently, safely, and in compliance with regulations.

Domains we support:

  • Engineering Procurement and Construction
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Wind and Solar Energy
  • EV
  • Utility

Job positions we support:

  • Substation Engineer
  • Transmission Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Solar Engineer
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Electrical Project Manager / Engineer
  • Smart Grid Engineering (SCADA etc…)

Renewable energy industry challenges - we meet challenges surrounding:

  • Quality of talent
  • Remote worksite locations
  • Meeting safety standards
  • Workforce retention